AnnesZia is artist name for Anastasia Kasimova, an electronic music enthusiast and natural born dj from St. Petersburg Russia who has found her way behind the decks at the tender age of 14 playing mostly underground techno and breaks music. Not long time when her first Sets hit the “motherland” clubs for Russian electronic music scene such as “Tunnel”, “ Griboedov”. Quite soon her immaculate Dj skills put her on tour to other destinations within the biggest country of the world. Since 2010 AnnesZia discovered colorful world of psychedelic scene and decided to get into it asap. She choose to play psychedelic sound with original goa touch as well as psy chill music. She pay a lot of attention not only to musical side of her performances but also to her appearance on stage and her image of Indian beauty certainly helped her to get many followers among Russian fans of this style.As the result she got booked to nearly every major Festival event in Russia and some of her own productions have been featured on compilations for such labels as Kiss the Sound and Forestdelic and she grabbed attention as promising artist also. In 2013 her djing style gradually shifted towards Psychedelic Goa Trance and the concepts of her sets can be described as psychedelic trancedance shamanism, and she become getting known not only in Russia but abroad as well. Nowdays she is one of the most book female djs in Russia who performs regularly at all major events in Russia such as Solar Systo(Spb), Trimurti(Msk), BK(Msk), Solaris(Kazan), Chill Out Planet(Msk), Wonderland Experience(Spb), Abstraction(Spb), Семинар Альтуризма (Msk) as well he residencies in motherland of psychedelic trance scene GOA in such places as Russian Хmas Fest(Goa), Dream Beach(Goa), HillTop(Goa), Curlie's(Goa) with appearances on European events Wicked Fоrest(Serbia), Solstitium (Estonia). Annes Zia djing skills, dedication to music in combination with charming outfit and charisma made her to take solid place in a dj roster of such labels and organization as Aerodance Corporation and Forestdelic records (Slovenia).
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Country: Russia
Anes Zia
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