The project of mechanical species was started by Dahni Strauss 2012. Initially it was greatly inspired by the old school sound of infected mushroom, Followed by glowing flame and peak records. On the other end of the spectra influenced by classical music ranging from Chopin to Beethoven. Gradually his focus shifted from the concrete and melodical to the more abstract and he dived in to the technical dimension of cutting edge modern production. His music is now fused with various elements from all of his musical journey but a common theme which is radiating through all his work is the attempt to evoke a strong sense of story. Non-verbal tales without linear messages. A story where the need for explanation is extinguished, attempting of temporarily stopping the mind from its constant interpretation of meaning. Synthesis is something heavily entertained in his creation and he's currently exploring the deep audionomic space of wavetable synthesis, preferably combined with frequency modulation. He is collaborating with a wide range of artists and labels. But his Home is at the forestdelic family. He is also currently working on a psychedelic morning project aswell as a techno project
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Country: Sweden
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