João Carlos Sutemi, native from São Paulo (Brazil), woken up to the (e)music’s consciousness in 1994, by Jungle Music. Affected by the most intense scene in South America, started his journey as a DJ, in end 2000, playing vinyl (Jungle and Drum’n'Bass. Believing in the essence of music, always searching for the “B Side” of every style that he played. Since 2002, his kind of music refer by Psychedelic/Forest.
In words, a technical trial: Creating atmospheres that fill spaces and exchanges between internal universes beyond the terrain, driving with hypnotic and strong bass lines, activating feelings that are revealed in the fire dance. Spontaneously freedom is felt in the melodies that as the wind does not always blow gently. His presentations flow like ocean water, where the unpredictability planned cycles, paradoxically can not be exactly repeated.
In 2011, released his first compilation by Tremors Underground Productions, VA Swamp Fever. Reaching the top 1 rank in the many times. Also represented DJ label Temple Twisters, since 2006. . He is also the stage manager at 303 Stage in Universo Paralello Festival.
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Country: Brazil
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